Dr. Isabelle Simoneau

Isabelle Simoneau

Dr. Simoneau is a pediatric anesthesiologist in private practice with Valley Anesthesiology Consultants, a division of Envision, in Phoenix, Arizona. Her practice consists of high acuity pediatric anesthesia cases from the neonatal period to teenage years. Her primary focus is craniofacial and neuroanesthesia. She was also appointed clinical assistant professor to the department of anesthesiology, University of Arizona School of Medicine, Phoenix campus. Her primary involvement with the University of Arizona is with Global Medicine. 

Practicing medicine in the developing world has been her main reason for choosing medicine as a career.  With the practice of anesthesia, her primary goal has become that of practicing and teaching safe anesthesia in the developing countries. Operation Smile has become a driving force in helping her reach her goals with approximately 40 missions, including educational missions in multiple countries.