Aya Jazi

Aya Jazi

Aya Al-Jazi is a certified speech-language pathologist with primarily a background in pediatric speech, language, swallowing and feeding disorders. She received a BSc in Speech and hearing Sciences from the University of Jordan and MSc in Speech and Cleft Science from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Aya is currently pursuing a Clinical Doctorate in Speech-language pathology at the University of Northwestern, Chicago.

Aya Al-Jazi is the founder of Seeds of Hope clinic, a speech-language therapy clinic that provides high-quality and equitable speech-language therapy services for those who need it.

Seeds of Hope clinic empowers people who have communication difficulties overcome their obstacles so that they can be part of their community and have better quality of life. Aya’s purpose at Seeds of Hope clinic is to help every individual in need find their own voice to be heard and communicate.

Before devoting her full time to Seeds of Hope clinic in 2016, Aya has worked clinically for 10 years and lectured at the University of Jordan for 4 years. She has a special interest in Down Syndrome, Apraxia of speech, speech cleft disorders, voice and swallowing disorders.

As a speech-language pathologist she would like to bring her country hope of advancing speech-language pathology profession through clinical service provision, advocacy, research and leadership.