Dr. Teresita Pannaci

Teresita Pannaci

Dr. Teresita Pannaci is Venezuelan dentist specialist in Functional Maxillary Orthopedic FMO techniques for craniofacial malformations patients. She is an expert in preoperative treatment for cleft patients with 27 years of trajectory.  

Pannaci has been working since 1992 in clinical, research and teaching activities about the preoperative treatment for craniofacial deformities. In 1997 she had her first publication based on her own original technique supported by the mechanical action caused by the movements of the tongue. Her lines of research include projects with mechanical and electronic engineer in order to develop more effective methods for the preoperative treatment in cleft patients. 

Dr. Pannaci also is Active Volunteer of Operation Smile since 1993 participating in many medical-surgical Missions as specialist and leader in dental field, as well as teaching qualified dentists to perform FMO techniques for cleft patients. In 1993 was co-founder of Operation Smile Venezuela supporting clinical activities as well as the Board of Directors.  

Recently in May of 2018 she was invited as speaker to ¨Next Conference 2018¨ in Norfolk-Virginia, during the event she received an Award in the category of Excellence in Dentistry. Teresita Pannaci currently performs as Senior Investigator in a Hospital and Institute of Research important in Barcelona, Spain.